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A simpler visualisation of Git Commits.

GitVine is a lightweight but powerful git visualizer & client which runs on your desktop and is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.
It can be launched on its own, from the command line or can be integrated into your IDE or OS.



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I greatly enjoy developing GitVine and I hope that you enjoy using it.
It's free to use but if you think GitVine is a worthwhile application, I would sure appreciate your donation.

Change Log

Version Change Date
8.5 Fix a launch failure, after changing the arrow direction style
Fix a launch freeze on macOS Monterey & Ventura
26 May 2023
8.4 Option to show branches as aligned to parents.
Styling options for arrows.
05 March 2023
More +
8.3 Application window size/positions are now saved and restored.
Last used folder/repository is now remembered.
30 Oct 2022
8.2 Commit Property Dialog now has the ability go to next or previous commit.
02 July 2022
8.1 Added Option to Show either Numeric or SHAs for Commits. Toggle from View → 'Show Numeric IDs'
11 May 2022
8.0 Added Tools → Options → Git Config, to configure important Git options.
Added Report Comparison Mode, Ctrl + Right Click on commit, to switch into this mode. Report is copied to the clipboard
29 Dec 2021
7.9 Fix for gitched commit items, when comparing commits after scrolling.
Avoid lockup when trying to load Gravatars without internet access.
07 Dec 2021
7.8 Added Loading/Progress screen.
26 Sept 2021
7.7 Recents used files/folders now also shown on the Main Screen.
Fix for a crash when trying to scroll the minimap, when having a small number of commits.
12 Sept 2021
7.6 GitVine will now detect that the terminal process is exited/closed and update its window layout automatically.
Fix for Find Commits, showing multi-selected commits/arrows, during find next/previous.
Fix for a left clicked Commit getting obscured, when clicked on a commit at the bottom of a window
29 Aug 2021
7.5 Improved branch layout to more easily visualise branch points.
10 July 2021
7.4 Improved performance and cache management.
16 June 2021
7.3 Added Help Pages and Tip of the Day.
23 May 2021
7.2 Added configurable Arrow Direction. (Change from Menu View → Arrow Direction)
19 May 2021
7.1 Added Branch Selection button menu for branch switching.
Auto select current branch in Find Changes branch ComboBox.
Fix for comparisons not working from Find Changes dialog.
01 May 2021
7.0 Commit's parent & child commit arrows are now automatially highlighted.
Commit's arrows are now colour matched to the branch for easier identification.
Fix for missing initial commit selection after switching repos.
Fixes for arrow repainting glitches.
18 April 2021
6.9 Migrate to PySide2.
Updates for more reliable Gravatar image handling.
10 April 2021
6.8 Files/Folders can now be dragged/dropped into GitVine.
02 March 2021
6.7 Fix for cached reload not doing a full reload of commits.
Reintroduce Secondary Console on Windows (for performance).
24 Dec 2020
6.6 Added "Open Path" in File Menu.
Suppress Secondary Console on Windows.
22 Dec 2020
6.5 Fix for crash, when browsing for Terminal application path.
21 Nov 2020
6.4 Stage & Modified node parenting corrected to HEAD.
Added AppExecutionAlias [for Windows Store Build].
14 Nov 2020
6.3 Added Startup Help Screen.
Fixes for Minimap Sync & Clearing.
Reset Zoom on new file/folder load.
31 Oct 2020
6.2 Added Minimap Feature.
18 Oct 2020
6.1 Updated Rendering of Branch & Merge points.
11 Oct 2020
6.0 Added Squash Commits; which allows Squashing one or more commits from HEAD.
The last Commit can now be Amended. (Subject & Message)
04 Oct 2020
5.22 Nodes now show the commit number instead of previous artificial count.
Fix for Commit List View selection getting lost. 5.21
Fix for crash during commit message editing. 5.22
19 Sept 2020
5.1 Added cached storage to improve loading times.
(macOS) Fix for lockups during commit loads.
18 July 2020
5.0 Added 'Branch Find' - To find all changes on a branch.
'Commit Properties' & 'Branch Find Changes': Dialogs now allow multi-select & multi-comparisons.
04 July 2020
4.52 Added Support for using Windows Terminal as the integrated terminal
(On Windows 10 Only) See Pre-Requisites below for Windows Terminal configuration instructions.
Improved performace when loading commit info tooltips. 4.51
Added reporting of untracked files. 4.52
20 June 2020
4.33 Improved Multi Core performance for background commit loading.
Fix for no comparisons from commit properties dialog's file list, for files in current directory. 4.31
Support for 4K Displays. (High DPI Scaling + Icons) 4.32
Staged & Modified Nodes also show file list & allow comparisons. 4.32
Added Tooltips for Refs & Arrows. 4.33
06 May 2020
4.2 Added a Clickable File/Change Table to the Commit Properties Dialog.
(Double Click Item in this table to open a comparison for this item's commit)
10 April 2020
3.5 Improved Commit Tooltip Layout & rendering.
Copied Clipboard Content: Tabs are now spaces for better text alignement.
15 Mar 2020
3.33 Added "Refs" handling to Find, Tooltip & Clipboard.
Find Results now in colour.
07 Mar 2020
3.25 Added Git Blame/Annotate. (Tools Menu)
Bigger Avatar in Commit Menu.
Added Proxy Settings. (Tools/Options/Network)
Load Avatars in background thread.
New Circular Progress Bars.
20 Feb 2020
3.11 Added Support for Gravatar User Icons.
Comparison of commits inside a repository is now in "dir diff" mode for easier use.
Table Commit Item Tooltip now shows full messsage along with subject
09 Feb 2020
3.0 Added Multi threaded Backgrounding loading for Additional commit details.
Added additional Search possibilities: Commit Messages, Contained In & Files.
01 Feb 2020
2.12 Performance Optimisations
Reduced size of Binaries
More Easter Eggs
26 Jan 2020
2.0 Push is now always available/enabled on context menu
Fixed arrows getting corrupted/incorrect after dragging
18 Jan 2020
1.92 Added Options Dialog for Configuration (Tools Menu)
Added "Remotes" on Status Bar Panel - Info in its tooltip
Added Integrated Terminal via Tools Menu. Recommended Terminal App is Hyper (Only)
Fixed Terminal path separator. 1.91
Added Branch Info Panel. 1.91
Extended Commit Tooltip + Clipboard to also show changed Files. 1.92
16 Jan 2020
1.83 Commit Nodes are now moveable by user
Temporary workaround for crash with "cherry -v" on some bare repos
Avoid Update Check Delay/error when no Internet Access - Will go into offline more for now. 1.81
Added File Editing via Tools → Edit File. 1.82
Added Pending Pull Indicator for MC. 1.83
09 Jan 2020
1.7 Commit Tree & Table views can be resized
Scrolling & Highlighting Updated
Added confirmation before clear recents
03 Jan 2020
1.6 Improved Rending Speed
Fix for View ShowAll setting not loaded
Fixes for modified/staged vs commit comparison
31 Dec 2019
1.5 Cancel compare on ESC key. FindCommit setting extended and settings also saved
Added Stage, Unstage, Discard, Commit, Push etc
Staged/Modified Nodes also show list of files changed (tooltip)
27 Dec 2019
1.4 Added error message box when loading an invalid file/folder
MRU list updated for item to be on top, when selecting older item from list
Link colour updated for visibility in dark mode
Improved performance/caching of "Contained in" functionality
23 Dec 2019
1.31 Added Mechanism to Locate From/To Commit - from a Arrow's Context Menu
Added File → Open Folder
Added Recently Opened - Files + Folders
21 Dec 2019
1.22 Added mouse wheel tree scrolling
Added processing & comparison for Directories & relative paths
Added "Pending Push" icon for new commits needing a push to remote
Increased Properties & Find Dialog Width to 640 pixels [PO] 1.21
Workaround fix for Very Slow Performance on git/git-gui repos [PY] 1.22
Workaround fix for Head (arrow) not pointing to actual HEAD [PY] 1.22
Fix for missing Signed-off-by" trailers are missing the email addresses [PY] 1.22
Re-organised Edit & Context Menu for clarity. 1.22
20 Dec 2019
1.1 "Contained In" - Added to Tooltip + Clipboard Handler
Table Header shows SHA on the tooltip
Head Commit is now highlighted by an icon
Auto select last commit on start/refresh/open
Added View Zooming
17 Dec 2019
1.0 Added Bezier curves for easier visualisation
Added "Contained In" - Tag (Properties Dialog)
Improved App Wide Dark Mode
Fix to ensure selected commit nodes scroll correctly to view
15 Dec 2019
0.4 Added FindCommits Dialog, Clipboard Copy/Menu, Toolbar, ShowAll option
Added Full Commit Message Body & Properties Window 0.32
Improved stability after update check failed 0.31
14 Dec 2019
0.3 Show Staged & Modified as Nodes & added diffs to them.
Single Click to sync tree & view.
Ability to check & report new GitVine versions
8 Dec 2019
0.2 Added Commit Table, Tags, Gradient Colours.
File Open handling, Ascending Layout, synced views, Dark Mode.
Retain User Settings, --first-parent, fix right click selection, Linux + macOS support.
7 Dec 2019
0.1 Initial Version 16 Nov 2019

Optional Utilities

Type Downloads Info Date
GitVine's Windows Explorer
Not needed if GitVine is installed from the AppStore or via the Installer.
Its useful only if GitVine.exe is downloaded & used directly.

Extract Ensure GitVine.exe is in your %PATH%.
Execute AddGitVine.reg to Add GitVine to Windows Explorer Context Menu for any file or folder.
Execute RemoveGitVine.reg to Remove GitVine from the Windows Explorer Context Menu.
17 Dec 2019

Help for GitVine

Feedback, Feature Requests & Bug Reports: Send eMail

Developed Using

Python, QT